How to aggregate Cinnamon rates over time

How to aggregate Cinnamon rates over time

Cinnamon does not support this natively in part because neither of our underlying metric backends support that type of rate metric*. The Rate metric is for rates of occurrences, like how many times has this happened, and the Recorder is for measuring distributions of values, like the time it takes for a certain operation to be performed.

If you want to aggregate your values and only output one value that represents a total for a certain time unit, you should use a Gauge, and in this case a GaugeLong. You need to do the aggregation yourself on the side, and then set the Gauge when you have computed the combined value.

* Also the the rate metric is for recording the rate for actual points in time where things happen, and updating of the rate metric with the values that you read yourself might not align properly (in time) with each other, leading to skewed values in the weighted moving averages that the rate metric reports.

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