Fixing a NullPointerException when upgrading from Lagom while using Cinnamon (Telemetry)

Fixing a NullPointerException when upgrading from Lagom while using Cinnamon (Telemetry)

In case you are upgrading Lagom to 1.6.2 while using Cinnamon 2.14.0 you may come across the following error:

Restarting graph due to failure. stack_trace:
     at com.lightbend.lagom.internal.spi.projection.ProjectionSpiImpl$.startProcessing(ProjectionSpiImpl.scala:24)
     at com.lightbend.lagom.internal.spi.projection.ProjectionSpi$.startProcessing(ProjectionSpi.scala)
     at com.lightbend.lagom.internal.scaladsl.persistence.AbstractPersistentEntityRegistry.$anonfun$eventStream$1(AbstractPersistentEntityRegistry.scala:135)

This error was fixed in a recent release of Cinnamon 2.14.2. Please upgrade to that version in order to fix or prevent this error from happening.

Pro tip: try using the Scala Stuart Bot to ensure your Lightbend dependencies are up-to date.

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