24/7 Severity 1 Support Procedure & Instructions

24/7 Severity 1 Support Procedure & Instructions

Please see the attached PDF
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    • What can I ask of Lightbend Support?

      Your subscription entitles you to request assistance for a number of development and system questions. Our assistance can help you succeed from your early planning phases all the way through production maintenance. Below are some general guidelines: ...
    • Why don't I see support for our tracing solution?

      If you do not see specific support for your solution, then you can likely use OpenTracing. Lightbend Telemetry has support for OpenTracing, which is a vendor neutral set of common API’s that play well with most of the existing distributed tracing ...
    • Lightbend Support & Maintenance Policy

      See attached Support & Maintenance Policy
    • Creating & Managing Support Cases

      There are two channels to create and manage support cases. You may use both of these throughout the lifetime of a case. Managing cases with the Support Center Login to https://portal.lightbend.com Select "Manage" → "Manage Support Cases" from the ...
    • Which version of Java does Lightbend support?

      We are often asked this question, so we have created a standard policy found on Lightbend Tech Hub. However, we are always evaluating this, so if you would like to add your voice to our considerations then we ask that you open a support case and ...